Subject IB_DateTimerPicker: Problems to show correct data
Author Leonardo Mozachi Neto
IBO 4.2H
Delphi 5

When IB_DateTimerPIcker.Kind = dtkTime the component do not show the time

It shows its time creation i.e. if you drop the component at 12:34:56, this
is the time showed for all records.

- IB_DateTimePicker.showcheckbox = false
- the information at the GDB is correct.

The help says that TIB_DateTimePicker is descendent from
TIB_CustomDateTimePicker and this one says it is only compatible with D3, D4
e C3 and the Getting Start Guide do not mentionated nothing relevant about
this behavior..

Am I missing something?
Any help/comments are appreciated.