Subject Re: [IBO] Conversion from dBase to Firebird using IBO
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Chris!

I'm just curious as to why you are using an IB_Script. For this kind of
import, I would use an IB_DSQL with one parameterized INSERT statement,
prepare it, and then iterate through the records in your dBase table
setting the parametres and call ExecSQL or Execute. I'd either use Params
or assign separate TIB_Columns to each parameter (I've never done the
latter with params, just fields, but assume it to be the same procedure) if
time was an issue, using ParamByName would take considerably longer (but
still, not in the magnitude of having to count days).

If you commit every 10000 records or so, this could get your import down to
a few minutes.



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