Subject Re: [IBO] Connect to Database calls Generator
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:59 AM 3/01/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> > Which apostrophe?
> > Around the Generatorname???
> >
> > That's normal since the Gen_ID of of IBO expects a string as param
>Little bit confusing for me since both GSG and the online FAQ show several
>examples without the apostrophe around the generatorname. And when you are a
>beginner, you still belive in documentation :-)

If you are entering the GeneratorLinks property into the property editor,
you don't use quotes, e.g.

But if you are calling the gen_id method in your code, the first input
parameter is a string. All strings in Delphi are single-quoted, e.g.

myvar: integer;

myvar := MyConnection.Gen_ID('MyGenerator', 1);

Also, if you are adding a new member to GeneratorLinks in your code, you
also need to use a string for the whole strings item:


Does that help to clarify? It is always a good idea, when you are
confused, to consult the Delphi help for the ancestor class. Most things
in IBO are descendants of VCL classes, not surprisingly. Don't expect any
of the IBO documentation to teach you the fundamentals of Object
Pascal! There are many excellent books and tutorials out there if you need