Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Conversion from dBase to Firebird using IBO
Author Brian K. Woods
> > I have a conversion utility that is taking data from dbase tables
> > into a firebird gdb. The table in question has about 300,000
> records
> > and over 100 fields. I am using IB_Scripts and posting every
> couple
> > thousand records. Initially it starts off fast, but after about
> > 100,000 records or so, it slows to a crawl. This puts the

> It sounds like you have to break the problem in half since you
> really don't know if its the BDE or IBO/FB that's the culprit. You
> could, instead of writing the data to a FB database, you could just
> output it to a simple text-file. This would show you if it was the
> BDE that was choking.
> If its not the BDE, then maybe you could post your main code here so
> the IBO experts can take a look.

There is also a file-access issue here, is there not? In other words,
Firebird is
having to grow the file as you do the conversion. Try pumping the
FB database tables with 3-500k junk records, then delete them all. Firebird
shrink the gdb file, so there will be a lot of unused space in the gdb file
for firebird
to put the converted records into. Then try
the conversion again - I bet it'll be much faster. If that's the case, and
will be doing the final conversion on the customer's site, then just take
pre-bloated .gdb with you on a cd and do the conversion into that.