Subject Re: end of dataset error
Author Marco Menardi
Make sure to use the very last FR if you have a recent IBO.
Me and other have made some patch to Alexander code, and you find a in the "files" section of FR message list.
In addition, I've sent a patch to Alexander (FR_Utils.pas )that was replying "thanks" but don't know if he has included in FR without changing release number, or if it will be included in future one.
I've the feeling that he is concentrating upon 3.0 version and the old code is not developed anymore... (you can download a 3.0 designer preview demo at
Maybe in FR list you find someone that had your problem and have a patch to sent to you, if the most updated code will not work.
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "anthpjc" <anthpjc@y...> wrote:
> thanks for the reply,
> the thing is i haven't taken such a hands-on approach to generating
> my report, i have assigned frdsdataset's to the bands in the report
> and do not loop through the datasets myself programmatically, the
> report generation loops through the datasets, other wise i could
> check the position with my own code.
> even more curious is the fact that the report is then presented
> just fine, with all of the necessary data populating the report (with
> a single record master and multiple records in the subreports).
> could be a fastreport bug.