Subject Re: [IBO] end of dataset error
Author anthpjc
thanks for the reply,
the thing is i haven't taken such a hands-on approach to generating
my report, i have assigned frdsdataset's to the bands in the report
and do not loop through the datasets myself programmatically, the
report generation loops through the datasets, other wise i could
check the position with my own code.
even more curious is the fact that the report is then presented
just fine, with all of the necessary data populating the report (with
a single record master and multiple records in the subreports).
could be a fastreport bug.

--- In IBObjects@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 08:38 PM 23-09-02 -0700, you wrote:
> >hi all,
> >i have a problem with a report, my report is designed
> >with a master and 2 detail subreports of that master.
> >when i run the report the preparing dialog appears but
> >then an eib_dataset error "at end of dataset" is
> >invoked, i'm using bcb6 and ibo4_g. after stepping
> >over the error the report generates fine. i'm not sure
> >if its an frdsdataset error or a tib_dataset error
> >(although its the tib_dataset that throws the error),
> >i'm pretty sure it has something to do with a dataset
> >calling next record where it should be checking eof
> >somewhere, but i'm not sure if its the master or a
> >detail invoking this...any help or insights on how to
> >overcome this problem would be great.
> You will need to do some debugging to find out where the error is
> occurring; but you are probably looking at an empty dataset, viz.
if you
> call Open (on a query) or First (on a cursor) and are at EOF, then
> dataset is emptyl
> In your report's OnNextRecord (or equivalent) event, you can test
> IsEmpty property on a query object or, on a cursor object, test
> if ((object->BOF) and (object->EOF))
> {
> If you are iterating through a dataset, it should be enough just to
> for EOF, viz.
> while (!object->EOF)
> {
> Helen
> >cheers
> >
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