Subject end of dataset error
Author zxcv lkjvb
hi all,
i have a problem with a report, my report is designed
with a master and 2 detail subreports of that master.
when i run the report the preparing dialog appears but
then an eib_dataset error "at end of dataset" is
invoked, i'm using bcb6 and ibo4_g. after stepping
over the error the report generates fine. i'm not sure
if its an frdsdataset error or a tib_dataset error
(although its the tib_dataset that throws the error),
i'm pretty sure it has something to do with a dataset
calling next record where it should be checking eof
somewhere, but i'm not sure if its the master or a
detail invoking this...any help or insights on how to
overcome this problem would be great.


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