Subject Re: Memproof errors (Repost)
Author anthpjc
i think your procedures are non-optimal.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Eric Handbury" <ehandbury@h...> wrote:
> Hello,
> (BCB6-SP2, IBO4_Hg, FB-1.0-796, TEnh 2.1.1)
> I posted a message regarding memproof errors in my IBO
> about 2 weeks ago with no responses which is surprising since
> leaks are a component-library author's worst nightmare.
> The main GDI memory leaks seem to happen in the IB_UpdateBar.pas
> module (in the SysStateChanged procedure (line 584 in my IBO
> version)). The following code snippet from that procedure indicates
> that the memory allocated in the Assign (WinAPI CreatePalette) is
> being freed.
> if (CustomGlyphs = nil) or not (ubPost in CustomGlyphsSupplied)
> then
> Buttons[ ubPost ].Glyph.Assign( StandardBitmap
> ( 'UPD_BAR_POST' ));
> Could this be researched to determine if it is a problem? Thanks
> for your help.
> Eric.