Subject Re: [IBO] Refresh in tclientdataset lock the server
Author Jason Wharton
I'm sorry but I don't clearly understand the nature of your problem and how
to answer your question. It would also be helpful if you were careful with
your class names. There isn't a TIBO_Query component. I presume you mean
TIBOQuery right?

What do you mean by lock the server? Have you tested the SQL you are using
on the server independantly to see if there may be a problem with it?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Refresh in tclientdataset lock the server

> Hi all,
> Im using a Tibo_query to select records, and i use it in a
> Remotedatamodule. In the client side i have one Tclientdataset and i
> need refresh it for one to one second. If its occurs the application
> server stop after open more than one client. Where is my error?
> Thanks,
> Sorry for my bad english.
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