Subject Re: [IBO] Catching an exception
Author Jason Wharton
There is a OnHandleException() event associated with the TApplication
object. You can put a handler in there that examines if it is an InterBase
error and you can respond appropriately.

Jason Wharton
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Subject: RE: [IBO] Catching an exception

> Ok
> I would go with your recomendation, I would like to know why if you dont
> mind, I suspect that if the end program handles the exception it does not
> get handled properly.
> Could you suggest a other way for me to catch primarykey errors and other
> and respond to it. My aim is to have one central procedure for all by
> queries that respond to primary key problems. If that is not posible must
> put every
> dataset.insert into a try except statement?
> Groete
> Gerhardus
> >
> > It should remain in Edit state if it is an exception during the post.
> > I strongly discourage doing anything in the OnError event with SQL
> > components.