Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Win 98, always hang my computer
There are two sides to this.

I am using IBO4 with 98SE and NT4 without any problems -
using version 4.2E which is where I am stuck unless I do a
full customer acceptance to switch to a later version. That
version looks fine.

There are problems brought in by 98ME as a result of which
my customers will not use it, hence 98SE is the 'approved'
OS. W2k never finished it's acceptance tests before XP
replaced it, and XP has the same problems as 98ME in a lot
of places, so will not be accepted either.

Add to all these problems Builder6, Delphi7 and Kylix3 and
it is not suprising that Jason can't test everthing on every
version, so back to the plot.

A lot of fixes have been made to IBO4 to make it work with
W2k and XP - I believe - and these could well have broken 98
operations. So what problems existed in 4.2E that you
required fixing before you could use it?

To Jason - is now the time we freeze the 4.2 pack or even go
back a few steps and freeze. Then start on 4.3 or 5, if we
are to target in again on new stuff?

I am not interested in XP fixes - I will not be using it -
so I am happy where I am. But I am using 4.2Fn on the Laptop
for some new stuff, without problem, but I have to keep that
stuff away from my main base. Life was easier when I could
just up-issue a single .bpl and release it. With a block of
a dozen ( with FastReport and Enhanced ) it is much more
difficult <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services