Subject [IBO] Re: Win 98, always hang my computer
Author apatri2000
Hi Lester and other.
Starting with 4.2Ha same thing. ALL WORK FINE, and I am STUCK in this
version since ( I think May more or less ).
After 4.2Ha I don't recall but it should be 4.2Hb begin the troubles.
You are a very conservative man, I know, but see Ibo go ahead and not
capable to pace................


--- In IBObjects@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> There are two sides to this.
> I am using IBO4 with 98SE and NT4 without any problems -
> using version 4.2E which is where I am stuck unless I do a
> full customer acceptance to switch to a later version. That
> version looks fine.
> There are problems brought in by 98ME as a result of which
> my customers will not use it, hence 98SE is the 'approved'
> OS. W2k never finished it's acceptance tests before XP
> replaced it, and XP has the same problems as 98ME in a lot
> of places, so will not be accepted either.
> Add to all these problems Builder6, Delphi7 and Kylix3 and
> it is not suprising that Jason can't test everthing on every
> version, so back to the plot.
> A lot of fixes have been made to IBO4 to make it work with
> W2k and XP - I believe - and these could well have broken 98
> operations. So what problems existed in 4.2E that you
> required fixing before you could use it?
> To Jason - is now the time we freeze the 4.2 pack or even go
> back a few steps and freeze. Then start on 4.3 or 5, if we
> are to target in again on new stuff?
> I am not interested in XP fixes - I will not be using it -
> so I am happy where I am. But I am using 4.2Fn on the Laptop
> for some new stuff, without problem, but I have to keep that
> stuff away from my main base. Life was easier when I could
> just up-issue a single .bpl and release it. With a block of
> a dozen ( with FastReport and Enhanced ) it is much more
> difficult <g>
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