Subject [IBO] Server AutoCommit
Author Charles Urbina
Hello everyone,
I'm using ASTA (a middle tier tool for developing multi tier programs).
ASTA has a AstaIBOServer which I use to connect to my IB 6.5 server.

I have been noticing some weird things happening with my database. For
1- I delete the content of a table and when I run my client application I'm
able to see the deleted records.

2- I post new records to a table. The I open the table in my DB and I don't
see the records in the table. But I can see them on my client program. But
if I shut down the AstaIbo server and restarted it again then I can see the
records in the database.

Seen like the Asta IBO server is no autocommiting the records I'm sending
through the IBO TQueries that are used by the AstaIbo server to handle the
data between the AstaIbo server and my IB server.

I don't have much experience with IB, someone told me that the IBConnection
and the IBTransaction have to be confirugated correctly.

My questions is.
How do I configure the connection and the transaction components for them to
be able to AutoCommit every transaction in my IB server I execute from my
client program through the AstaIbo server.?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Charles Urbina