Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO in Delphi 7 Professional
Author Stephen Lee-Woolf
In article <3D7E1F22.5000009@...>, frank@... says...
> Hi Stephen,
> Stephen Lee-Woolf wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the suggestions, but this gets even more confusing
> <snip>
> > Renaming the
> > entire D6 directory makes no difference - the same errors are generated.
> just saw Jason's message - if renaming makes no difference, it's likely there's
> a suffix prob in the IBO packages (but i don't have the latest version here so i
> can't check).
> >>and another try: add RTL70 directly to the Requires list of the package that
> >>complains. When Delphi finds system.pas in there, it won't look any further.
> >
> > The disk does not appear to have copies of either rtl60.dcp or rtl70.dcp
> > so Delphi won't allow me to to add the file to the requires list.
> i have D5 and a trial of D6 installed, no D7. In my D6\Lib dir, there's a
> rtl.dcp (not rtl60.dcp). You could try adding that from your D7\Lib dir.
> Or add the dir where system.dcu (not .pas!) is located to the packages' search
> path. But, as said, i don't have the latest IBO version so maybe better wait for
> Jason here...
Yeah .. you're probably right. Thanks anyway
> hth,
> fingerman

Steve Lee-Woolf
University of Salford
Manchester, U.K.