Subject Re: [IBO] on closing Pump form in IB_WSQL locks up computer
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:01 AM 11-09-02 -0700, you wrote:
>Just started getting a problem with IB_WSQL utility (3.6) when using the
>Pump feature and hope someone may know what's going on.
>On closing the Pump dialog, my system locks up. The mouse still works
>but ctrl+alt+del doesn't do anything. I have to reboot my computer with
>the reset button. I've tried several databases and they all do the same
>thing. Tried several layouts/connections, same problem.
>The Pump actually works just fine, the system locks up only on closing
>the form.
>Any ideas?

No: but that IB_WISQL is 18 months out of date. That's 18 months of
bugfixes and enhancements you don't have. Grab the latest (now named
IB_SQL) from the web site and throw out the old.

In the meantime, before you close the form, make sure that all transactions
are closed, just to be on the side of safety - that includes going to the
Transaction tab and committing any transaction that's showing there