Subject RE: [IBO] Extrending the code (Delphi/Builder)
Author Norman Dunbar

the C++ Builder system actually 'understands' Delphi - which is why you are
able to install IBO (written in Delphi) into C++Builder.

To trace the source code, set a debug point in a test app, and follow it
through in the debugger, when you leave C++ and enter Delphi - you will see
the code in Delphi not in C++. Some die hard C++ programmers over in the
Borland news groups object to the fact that C++Builder uses the Delphi VCL -
but I quite like it myself.

Alternatively, you can look at the Delphi source code in any text editor, or
simply open a .pas file in C++ Builder etc etc.

All of the above work on the understanding that you do have the full source
code, if not, you may find areas that you cannot step into in the debugger.



PS. When debugging the Delphi code, the C++ debugger doesn't show Tooltip
evaluation of Delphi variables - only procedure & function addresses - which
isn't as helpful as when you debug straight C++ code. (Or use Delphi !)

PPS. Why not nip over to (the # is
required) and download a copy of 'Delphi 6 Personal', install it and
register it on-line. Then you can step through Delphi code and have the
tooltip help work correctly as mentioned above. D6 Personal is free for your
own PERSONAL use. You'll also see just how much faster Delphi is to compile
than C++ :o)

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Subject: [IBO] Extrending the code (Delphi/Builder)


This might be somewhat off-topic. I need to create new subclasses from the
controls (to change key and screen behaviour and some more). When I trace
the pascal code in Builder most types are shown as void inte the debugger.
To hack message handling functions and paint functions under theese
sircumbstances is almost impossible.

Do I need Delphi to be able to trace the source meningfully? Or is there
some setting i Builder? Are there translated sources like the *.hpp that
comes with the project? Some Pascal to C translator? I'm not used to VCL so
bear with me please.

Thank you for your support,


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