Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_SearchEdit has no IgnoreColorScheme property
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Jason,

> Please send modified files to me for my consideration. It also may be
> helpful to list members if you post to the Yahoo files area as well.

I will do so when I have ported them to the current Hi release.

Sorry for being a pain in the ..., but my original question
has still remained unanswered since some days.
If nobody has a clue why the TIB_SearchEdit has no
IgnoryColorScheme property, I should perhaps just
try to implement it.

I just thought that at least you could come up with some
kind of reason, even if it's just "I thought nobody would
need this property" or "I just forgot it".
The point for me is just to know if it's OK to implement
this property or if there are some reasons that would
prevent me from doing this if I knew them (eg. it is
against the philosophy of IBO or it would create some
technical inconsistencies in the product).