Subject Attention Helen - Re: IBO VCL --> CLX
Author Damian Dowling
> >Actually, I'm
> >getting started with the basics of IBO.
> >
> >The CLX version will be totally compatible with VCL version?
>There is no way CLX and VCL can be compatible. CLX simply does not support
>enough Windows functionality (yet) to make that feasible. Delphi 7 or 8,
>maybe? it's my belief that Borland will drop or deprecate CLX on Windows
>and run with something new to support .NET.
>Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)


Regarding the compatibility between the CLX and VCL versions of IBO. I am
currently developing a system that is portable to Linux (there is nothing
windows specific in it), what i would like to know is what would be
involved in porting to the CLX version of IBO:

1. Will the IBO API be the same?

2. Will it just be a case of including different files?


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