Subject Re: [IBO] DML cache question
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Tomas!

>I want to achieve something that seems impossible to me, but I would
>like to know what is really possible from the ones with a deeper
>understanding of IBO internals.

Maybe it's impossible using the IBO internals, but a bit of imagination
normally solves impossible things.

>When inserting new record in ITEM_QUERY, I want it to appear in
>LIST_QUERY too. If the LIST_QUERY criteria is met in this newly inserted
>record I am able to achieve this via DML cache. If the criteria differs,
>I can't do that.

For a lazy programmer like me, the simplest solution seems to be to make
the criteria match, which at least should be possible the following way:

1) Create a new field in your table and a new generator. If you want
indexes to be used you should probably add an index for (<newfield>, <pk>).
2) Grab a new value from this generator.
3) Add to your LIST_QUERY something like 'OR <newfield> = <grabbedvalue>'
4) When inserting through ITEM_QUERY, set the new field to the value you

That's it. Now every record you insert will match your criteria!