Subject Re: [IBO] IBO VCL --> CLX
Author Daniel Rail
At 17/07/2002 08:25 AM, you wrote:
>There is no way CLX and VCL can be compatible. CLX simply does not support
>enough Windows functionality (yet) to make that feasible. Delphi 7 or 8,
>maybe? it's my belief that Borland will drop or deprecate CLX on Windows
>and run with something new to support .NET.

Just to clarify one point here. What I've heard at BorCon 2002 in Anaheim
(and this is from Chuck), there will be Delphi for Windows and Delphi for
.NET. Delphi 7 will have a first version the command line compiler of the
"Delphi for .NET" included with it, so developers can start developing for
.NET until "Delphi for .NET" is out.

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