Subject DML cache question
Author Tomas Michalik

I want to achieve something that seems impossible to me, but I would
like to know what is really possible from the ones with a deeper
understanding of IBO internals.

When searching for some records in the app I work on I use basically
this schema:
I have a query which selects many records based on some (sometimes
complicated) criteria and displays the result in a grid. I will call
this LIST_QUERY. It is read only and selects as few fields as possible
(bandwith etc.)

Then I have a query that selects only one record based on the record
selected in LIST_QUERY. I will call this ITEM_QUERY. This one selects
more fields (detailed info) and is updatable. It is used for deleting,
inserting and updating. The ITEM_QUERY record is typically displayed on
a different form or TabSheet.

When inserting new record in ITEM_QUERY, I want it to appear in
LIST_QUERY too. If the LIST_QUERY criteria is met in this newly inserted
record I am able to achieve this via DML cache. If the criteria differs,
I can't do that.

Does anyone have any suggestion/advice/solution to my problem ? Let me
know if you need further information. If anyone's interested I can
prepare a sample app showing the situation ...

Best regards,


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