Subject Re: [IBO] IBO VCL --> CLX
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:41 AM 17-07-02 -0300, Martin D. Berezaga wrote:
>I'm using CLX, so IBO is not yet a option to me.
>But when a CLX version has been released, I'll migrate to IBO.

I'd be very surprised if we did a Windows CLX version. CLX on Windows is a
very poor substitute for the VCL and it would make a very crippled
IBO. Currently our aim is a common codebase for the **non-visual**
components, that conditionally defines CLX for Kylix and VCL for
Windows. For the native IBO visual components, the CLX and VCL codebases
will be separated.

>Actually, I'm
>getting started with the basics of IBO.
>The CLX version will be totally compatible with VCL version?

There is no way CLX and VCL can be compatible. CLX simply does not support
enough Windows functionality (yet) to make that feasible. Delphi 7 or 8,
maybe? it's my belief that Borland will drop or deprecate CLX on Windows
and run with something new to support .NET.

>Can I start developping a beta project using VCL version, and migrate it to
>CLX in the future?

I would not recommend planning for it. CLX is a "lowest common
denominator" of Delphi on Linux and Windows. IBO on Windows makes
extensive use of the Windows API, functionality which CLX does not
support. As it is, we are having to look beyond CLX and into the Qt API to
get some essential behaviours for the IBO controls into our Kylix
version. There's no evidence that Borland is pursuing the co-mapping of
comparable Linux and Windows API capabilities into CLX.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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