Subject Unicode and IBObjects
Author yeohray
Using IBO4.x and a simple test, I am able to store Unicode data in
the database only if I set the CharSet property of TIB_Connection to

However, not all columns in my database is of the Unicode_FSS type.
In fact, there's only one column in one table that is of the
Unicode_FSS type. Therefore, I do not want to set the CharSet
property at the connection level, but rather at the column level
(actually, are there any side effects if the IBO charset is unicode
but 99% of the columns are using the WIN1252 character set?).
I could not find such a property for either TIB_Query or TIB_DSQL.
Does anyone know if this is possible? I've also tried putting the
_UNICODE_FSS directive in my INSERT statement but IBO rejects it.

Thanks in advance.