Subject Re: [IBO] stored procedures versus queries
Author Jason Wharton
My rule of thumb with stored procedures is to use them whenever you can.
The one place where they are not efficient or feasible to use is if you want
the benefits of search mode or any type of where clause manipulations.
stored procedures do not incorporate any where clause criteria inside of the
implementation. They just scan all records the SP produces and reduce them.
Also, it isn't possible to take advantage of some of the other enhanced
buffering capabilities of IBO like horizontal dataset refinement and

There are some cases where I knew all the possible where clause options and
so I decided to make input parameters that would deliver them all. I had an
implementation of about 50 select statements or so where only one would be
executed depending on the values passed in. It works great.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] stored procedures versus queries

> should i, if i am responsible for developing both the server database
> and the user interface, used stored procedures to select data for
> viewing, update data, and otherwise control all the transmission of
> data from the server to the client, and call them thru stored
> procedure objects instead of query objects?
> jon freedman