Subject Re: [IBO] stored procedures versus queries
Author bullardjuk
--- In IBObjects@y..., richard@o... wrote:
> It seems to me that a big advantage of stored procedures is that it
> insulates changes in the design of the server side code from the
> client. So long as the externally visible part of the sp remains
> same, you can re-implement it any way you want, without having to
> distribute a new client exe to your end users.
> regards
> Richard
I am in process of moving away from great use of stored procs.
I dared not modify them while the database was on-line and this meant
working late at night while it was quiet. If I modify the client
program I can send the latst version and my end user then has to
distribute it when he likes. Much easier on me! And I find direct
queries marginally faster.