Subject Re: IB_DATE
Author mmenaz
When Unbound, IB_Date provides a fixed edit mask (!99/99/9999) and no displayformat (uses the short date format, as long as I understand).
So you can not change this, since there are no related properties.
As far as I can understand, IB_Date was developed to be bound, and has been made some adjustments to let it's usage unbound, but this aspect was not be pushed very much.
I think that it would worth the trouble adding some unbound properties to it, since I use it unbound quite often (and I would like to have unbound/bound behave the same).
Just some thoughts...
Marco Menardi

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> Sorry but, i can't set field DisplayForm or EditMask because i'm
> using IB_DATE as an unbound control. (without datasource connection).
> How are the means for unbound IB_DATE?
> Thanks,