Subject Re: [IBO] Return from SP always starts Transaction
Author Jason Wharton
Not always. If there are no output parameters it may assume that some DML
was executed. Otherwise, why else would you call a stored procedure that
didn't have any output?

One of the difficulties with InterBase is there isn't a way for me to know
if a stored procedure actually modified any rows or not.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Return from SP always starts Transaction

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> > > I have changed StoredProcForSelect and StoredProcHasDML
> > to no avail.
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> > StoredProcForSelect tells IBO that you are expecting a dataset to be
> > returned. StoreProcHasDML says that the proc is going to perform an
> > insert, update or delete operation. But neither of them causes the
> > transaction to finish. Only Commit or Rollback can do that.
> >
> But the commint is authomatic if you have autocommit flag on isn't it?
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