Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with IncSearch and FetchWholeRows
Author Jason Wharton
Please send me a sample app demonstrating this.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 4:19 AM
Subject: [IBO] Problem with IncSearch and FetchWholeRows

I´ve discovered a strange behaviour with incremental searching.
I have a large table (in cols and rows). The PK is an integer which is
generated by an GENERATOR. I set FetchWholeRows to false.
I want to use a incremental search on another field. (KeybyKey and
SeekNearest is true). The dataset is ordered by this field (I have an index
on this field too)
Sometimes after I press a key in the inc-search-field the grid jumps to the
end of the dataset and the dataset-cursor don´t move. But there are records
that starts with the pressed character!
It seems that only inc-searches in the beginning of the dataset (perhaps the
buffered range of the dataset) are working.

When I set FetchWholeRows to true, everything is ok.

i use IBO 4.2Ga

thanks in advance