Subject IB and IBO Newsgroup problem
Author Don Gollahon
I sure wish these message lists would go to using regular newsgroups instead
of this Yahoo Egroups stuff. Now, all of a sudden, none of my messages are
getting through to the newsgroups _again_. This is very frustrating when it
is my main source of support for IB, Firebird, and IBO. And I have no idea
why things just stop all of a sudden. I look out on the EGroups and the
messages are there but they are not in the newsgroups.

Yes, I could tell it to send me emails but I hate having to load down my
email box with 1000s of messages. Newsgroups are what this stuff is for, not
email lists.

Thank you for listening to my frustration.

I feel better now anyway. :)

Don Gollahon
"What in Eternity does it matter?"

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