Subject Re: [IBO] IB and IBO Newsgroup problem
> I sure wish these message lists would go to using regular newsgroups instead
> of this Yahoo Egroups stuff. Now, all of a sudden, none of my messages are
> getting through to the newsgroups _again_. This is very frustrating when it
> is my main source of support for IB, Firebird, and IBO. And I have no idea
> why things just stop all of a sudden. I look out on the EGroups and the
> messages are there but they are not in the newsgroups.

I think we would have to have a vote on that. While I
monitor the Borland Newsgroups, they are a pain to work
with. Do you have free internet access ???

> Yes, I could tell it to send me emails but I hate having to load down my
> email box with 1000s of messages. Newsgroups are what this stuff is for, not
> email lists.

Neither eGroups OR newsgroups are right for everybody. I
like to maintain copies off-line, and eMails do that
automatically, having to select the newsgroup and then
download each one is a pain - but then I am probably using
the wrong reader - but personally I would rather spend time
working than trying to setup a replacement that will also
handle several years of history. Most of that is probably
scrap, but being able to search it off-line happens a couple
of times a month.

> Thank you for listening to my frustration.
> I feel better now anyway. :)

The frustration that we ALL have is that other people keep
changing things that have worked fine for years, and then we
all spend days making them work again. No doubt Microsoft
intend to replace all of this again with their own system
based on .NET <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services