Subject Re: [IBO] Installation hell
> A piano. A 40-tonne ACME anvil. Marlon Brando after eating a cow.
> These things I would beg to have dropped on me from a great height --
> anything, anything but the crushing weight of a new IBObjects
> installation. I will go to bed tonight and I will dream of having
> all of my teeth extracted slowly with rusty vice-grips by a drunk,
> psychotic hunchback dentist named Larry. And when he's done, I'll
> smile my gummy red smile and I'll shake his hand and I'll thank him
> for taking my mind of the horror that is... getting IBObjects
> installed.
> But enough about Larry.

I don't believe the problem is IBO -> Maybe Borland and
Microsoft need this treatment.

> Here's where I get stuck while trying to build IBO40_D5.bpg:
> [Fatal Error] IBO40VRT_D5.dpk(32): Required package 'IBO40CRT_D5' not
> found
> Here are the files and folders:
> C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40VRT_D5.dpk
> C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40CRT_D5.dpk
> C:\Program Files\Delphi5\Bpl\IBO40CRT_D5.bpl
> C:\Program Files\Delphi5\Dcp\IBO40CRT_D5.dcp
> C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40CRT_D5.dcu
> Here are my path settings in D5:
> Library: $(DELPHI)\lib\ibobjects
> BPL: $(DELPHI)\Bpl
> DCP: $(DELPHI)\Dcp
> Browse: $(DELPHI)\lib\ibobjects

The Builder versions are running fine, but I THINK that your
problem may be that the library version of IBO40CRT_D5 is
not visable in your particular setup. I don't use delphi,
but while you can see the .bpl, isn't there a .bpi or .lib
version that the 'requires' needs to see? My own problems
come about when that is not saved to the default location in

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services