Subject Re: [IBO] Installation hell
Author csswa
--- In IBObjects@y..., lester@l... wrote:

> > for taking my mind of the horror that is... getting IBObjects
> > installed.
> > But enough about Larry.
> I don't believe the problem is IBO -> Maybe Borland and
> Microsoft need this treatment.

Ta, Lester, I'll check this out.

And to clarify: no, I'm not blaming IBO. :-) Like you, I suspect
some obscure option setting or misplaced file to be the cause.
However, in my experience IBO and RX Library are two packages that
top the list of fiddly-to-install components. But I will happily
bump IBO down that list if I can get the BPG file working.

Andrew Ferguson
-- If you can read this, it's too late.