Subject Installation hell
Author csswa
A piano. A 40-tonne ACME anvil. Marlon Brando after eating a cow.
These things I would beg to have dropped on me from a great height --
anything, anything but the crushing weight of a new IBObjects
installation. I will go to bed tonight and I will dream of having
all of my teeth extracted slowly with rusty vice-grips by a drunk,
psychotic hunchback dentist named Larry. And when he's done, I'll
smile my gummy red smile and I'll shake his hand and I'll thank him
for taking my mind of the horror that is... getting IBObjects

But enough about Larry.

Here's where I get stuck while trying to build IBO40_D5.bpg:

[Fatal Error] IBO40VRT_D5.dpk(32): Required package 'IBO40CRT_D5' not

Here are the files and folders:

C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40VRT_D5.dpk
C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40CRT_D5.dpk
C:\Program Files\Delphi5\Bpl\IBO40CRT_D5.bpl
C:\Program Files\Delphi5\Dcp\IBO40CRT_D5.dcp
C:\Program Files\Delphi5\lib\ibobjects\IBO40CRT_D5.dcu

Here are my path settings in D5:

Library: $(DELPHI)\lib\ibobjects
Browse: $(DELPHI)\lib\ibobjects

Here is IBObjects. Here is Andrew. See Andrew get mad. Andrew hits
the delete key. Andrew is happy. :-)

Okay, so I'm a little frustrated. Dang it, I've had IBO installed
before (think it was my D3 installation, though), so I'm not giving
up. Any advice appreciated. Oh, and I'll tell Larry ya said hi.

Andrew Ferguson
-- Where dark matter goes when no one is looking.