Subject 2tier/3tier architecture (a bit OT)
Author achidan
Hi all,

I developped a client server application with Firebird, Delphi 6 and
IBObjects 4.2. The architecture is 2tier: Firebird with some Stored
procedure on the server and a "fat" client application.

Now I would like to improve this architecture to a combined
2tier/3tier: For all GUI related things (simple data manipulation,
viewing datas, etc.) I would still like to use 2tier but for batch
processes (i.e. complicated calculations, data import) I would like to
use a 3tier architecture: The client application is starting the batch
process - the batch software is on the server.

I'm a complete newbie to this field - so I don't know a lot about it.
I have the following ideas about it:
- I can still use (more or less) my existing business modules (which
contains the batch processes). But insted of calling directly some
methods of my classes I use a communication level in between.
- The communication between client software and this batch software
should be quite simple: From client to batch software sending the
information about which process must be started and some parameters
for the process. From batch software to client there should be sent
back some status information.

I know there is CORBA, COM+ but I'm not sure if that is not a bit an
overkill. If possible I'd prefer to integrate the communication part
of the software directly in my software (client side / server side) to
keep the architecture as simple as possible. Do you have any
suggestion what I could use for my purpose? Do you have
recommondations how I can learn more about such kind of architecture
(webpages, newsgroups, books, ...)? Are some internet related
technologies (SOAP,...?) helpfull for such problems?

Any kind of help is appreciated very much!