Subject Re: [IBO] 2tier/3tier architecture (a bit OT)
Author Geoff Worboys
> Any kind of help is appreciated very much!


Sure you can do such things with Corba, COM and various other
possibilities, but for batch processing I dont think that such
complications are really necessary. A simple alternative is just to
use ib events and possibly some form of table to store "commands".
This way all your communications issues are handled for you.

Eg; The client app writes a command to the command table and a
trigger on that table issues an event. A service running on the
server is monitoring for these events. When it receives an event it
checks the command table to see what has to be done, and does it.
When the command is finished it updates the command record to say it
is done - which issues another event which is picked up by the client
as confirmation (if it is still around to care about it).

There are some service apps available as as an optional modules with
IBO4 which may make useful examples.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing