Subject Re: [IBO] Default Values does not work
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:17 AM 23-04-02 +0200, Koby Peleg Hen wrote:
>[... re applying stringlist attributes in run-time code...]
>I trid this option and it does work on the IBODatabase but not on the
> TIboQuery
>I would try to make an upgrade to IBO ver 4Gd....

Well, there is a reason for this. TIBOQuery is descended from the TDataset
of the native Delphi VCL. TDataset itself does not have TIB_Column objects
- which is what these stringlist attributes are applied to. TIBOQuery gets
its attributes from persistent field objects and PFO's are not as smart as
TIB_Column objects.

"Beneath the surface", TIBOQuery does have access to some (but not all) of
the TIB_Column properties. These can be accessed through the
InternalDataset property of TIBOQuery, but it's not advisable unless you
clearly understand which TIB_Column properties work for TIBOQuery.

TIBODatabase, on the other hand, includes a TIB_Connection in its
"brickwork". TIB_Connection "knows" what works for TIBOQuery and what does
not. Thus, I consider it is always best to apply these properties at the
connection (TIBODatabase) level if possible. It has the added benefit of
saving code, too, since anything applied at this level will have a global
effect, meaning you only have to do it once. [ If you want to know a quick
way to do a thing, ask a lazy person. ;-) ]

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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