Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Framed Edit controls?
Author Paul Gallagher
I partially disagree with you. Color is a tool that should be used. It
should not be a distraction, but it should be something that can help a user
identify something quickly. For example, I have an app that I am working on
that has several data-entry modules that are quite similar. I use a
different pastel color for the background for each, so that the user does
not get confused.

As far as the flat button styles, I don't really like them either. The
office 2000 style buttons that change color when the mouse is dragged over
are good. It gives the user a positive feedback that the button is a button.


""mmenaz"" <mmenaz@...> wrote in message
> Our destiny is to follow M$ rules even when they are wrong.
> Colorful forms are very cool... to look at like a picture, not to work
with. Too many color is distracting. Lot of apps with different color is
distracting too, since your eye can not easely recognize relevant areas.
> I do hate flat buttons, for instance. They broke the "visual methaphor"
for something that can be pressed. I do hate those toolbars that have grayed
buttons and you have to pass over them with the mouse to display color...
it makes harder for me to recognize the desired toolbutton...
> But if you don't have them (I do NOT use them) your app seems old and
> I'm so sad about that, guys :(
> Regards
> Marco Menardi
> --- In IBObjects@y..., "Paul Gallagher" <paul@t...> wrote:
> > Jason,
> > Have you given any thought to making IBO edit controls "framed", similar
> > the Infopower controls? Has anyone else done this? If the IBO controls
> > descended from the standard VCL controls, I wonder if it is even
> >
> > With the new MS .NET stuff, and with the new look of WinXP, it seems
that a
> > lot more applications are coming out with the more colorful and new
> > controls. The standard button gray and borders just isn't "cool" enough
> > anymore.
> >
> > Paul
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