Subject Re: Framed Edit controls?
Author mmenaz
Our destiny is to follow M$ rules even when they are wrong.
Colorful forms are very cool... to look at like a picture, not to work with. Too many color is distracting. Lot of apps with different color is distracting too, since your eye can not easely recognize relevant areas.
I do hate flat buttons, for instance. They broke the "visual methaphor" for something that can be pressed. I do hate those toolbars that have grayed buttons and you have to pass over them with the mouse to display color... it makes harder for me to recognize the desired toolbutton...
But if you don't have them (I do NOT use them) your app seems old and bad...
I'm so sad about that, guys :(
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Paul Gallagher" <paul@t...> wrote:
> Jason,
> Have you given any thought to making IBO edit controls "framed", similar to
> the Infopower controls? Has anyone else done this? If the IBO controls are
> descended from the standard VCL controls, I wonder if it is even possible.
> With the new MS .NET stuff, and with the new look of WinXP, it seems that a
> lot more applications are coming out with the more colorful and new style
> controls. The standard button gray and borders just isn't "cool" enough
> anymore.
> Paul