Subject Re: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author likemike46
Hello Daniel,

of course I first post this question in the InfoPower's newsgroup.
But after I had to concede, that this bug couldn't be reproduced
with Delphi's Interbase components, this must be a problem of IBO -
so I post it here!


--- In IBObjects@y..., Daniel Rail <daniel@a...> wrote:
> At 10/04/2002 08:23 AM, you wrote:
> >This problem can be reproduced in a small project (if you need,
> >contact me).
> >If I use the Interbase components of Delphi, all works fine!
> >With Delphi's grid it works fine, too (because there is not
> >OnRowChanged method).
> >
> >I haven't found a workaround - so please let me know if you have
> >idea.
> Have you asked the question on InfoPower's newsgroup to see if
someone can
> come up with an explanation or give you an idea on what the cause
> be? It could be how Jason has some code organized that this event
> work as it should. But, asking on Infopower's newsgroup for a
> explanation is in my opinion a first step to solving the problem.
> OnRowChanged event is proper to Infopower's grid, and especially
> where the grid is totally made from scratch.
> Have a nice day.
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