Subject Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author likemike46
after a long time of searching around, I've found a curious bug.

Take a wwDBGrid (IP3000) bound to a database, which is editable. The
database must have more records than the grid can display on one
page (so it must be scrolled).
Now edit something in the first row, then something in the last
visible row, then something in the first row ... (all works fine and
all changes will be saved!)
Now add some code to the OnRowChanged event of wwDBGrid (for example
k:=0;) and do the same procedure.

The changes often won't be saved now.

This problem can be reproduced in a small project (if you need,
contact me).
If I use the Interbase components of Delphi, all works fine!
With Delphi's grid it works fine, too (because there is not
OnRowChanged method).

I haven't found a workaround - so please let me know if you have an

Best regards