Subject Re: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author Daniel Rail
At 10/04/2002 08:23 AM, you wrote:
>This problem can be reproduced in a small project (if you need,
>contact me).
>If I use the Interbase components of Delphi, all works fine!
>With Delphi's grid it works fine, too (because there is not
>OnRowChanged method).
>I haven't found a workaround - so please let me know if you have an

Have you asked the question on InfoPower's newsgroup to see if someone can
come up with an explanation or give you an idea on what the cause could
be? It could be how Jason has some code organized that this event doesn't
work as it should. But, asking on Infopower's newsgroup for a possible
explanation is in my opinion a first step to solving the problem. The
OnRowChanged event is proper to Infopower's grid, and especially IP3000
where the grid is totally made from scratch.

Have a nice day.

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