Subject Re: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author Daniel Rail
At 10/04/2002 10:11 AM, you wrote:
>Hello Daniel,
>of course I first post this question in the InfoPower's newsgroup.
>But after I had to concede, that this bug couldn't be reproduced
>with Delphi's Interbase components, this must be a problem of IBO -
>so I post it here!

I understand this. Do you have the full source code for IP3000? If so,
did you try stepping through wwDBGrid's code to see what happens(using
F7). I suggest that you look in the wwDBGrid's source for the procedure
TwwGridDataLink.DataSetChanged as a starting point( and to place a break
point) for stepping through the code, while your application is
running. TwwGridDataLink overrides TDataLink. So, it might depend on how
it is implemented in IBO and if it's accessible for TDataset compatible

Hope this helps a bit.

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