Subject isc_commit_retaining
Author dgsalas

First of all, platform:

Deplhi 4 C/S,
IBOBjects 4.02
Interbase 6.01 / Firebird 1.0

I have a database with about 250 tables, and 2300 views.

When dropping a view, the "COMMIT RETAINING" part of the process is
taking about 3 seconds each. Searching through the code I've been
able to trace this to the function "isc_commit_retaining" that is
called after executing the "DROP VIEW" statement.

If anyone is going to ask why so many views, it's because it's taking
too long to delete a view for the user to wait.

Can anybody point how can I improve this perfomance.

I think this is an Interbase issue, but I'm unable to locate any info
on the subject, and posted similar message in the interbase forums
with no answer. Sorry if this is off-topic.

Thanks in advance