Subject Jason Wharton is a God!
Author Joe Martinez
I am just so happy right now, I can't begin to describe how happy I am!

I just finished converting my application over from using the BDE to
using IBObjects. What a pleasure!

I downloaded IBObjects this morning. I did run into a few snags
installing it, and I needed some help from the IBO list to get it all
installed (Thanks, Helen!), but I did finally get it installed this
evening. I then proceeded to go through the Jason's quick conversion
instructions. I was skeptical at first, and I've been putting it off
for almost a year, but it really is true! I was able to convert my app
over in about 30 minutes! Granted, I don't do anything too terribly
fancy, but I do have a lot of tables and queries in my project.

After running the GReplace program, I opened my project. All my forms
opened with a total of 3 "Property doesn't exist" errors, which I just
ignored, since they weren't needed anyway. I then built my project, and
it compiled and linked the first time with NO ERRORS!!! I set the
server, path, protocol, username, and password in the TIBODatabase
object, and ran it. Worked perfectly! I haven't done through testing
yet, but so far, I have found no abnormal behavior.

I did some basic benchmark tests, and was very pleasantly surprised.
Queries that took 10-20 seconds with the BDE now take less than 1

Just as a lark, I tried setting RequestLive to TRUE on one of my
queries. Guess what! It works! I can now directly edit from my
queries! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Jason, you are truly a god. The appreciation that I have for your work
will be exceeded only by the sum MY customers' appreciation for the
monumental improvements that this will make to my application. Thank

To anyone who is still using the BDE, I STRONGLY urge you to make the
switch to IBObjects. As I said, I've been putting this off for the past
year, because I was afraid that it would be a huge headache. Now that I
know how easy it is, I'm kicking myself for not having done it earlier!