Subject Re: [IBO] CancelUpdates
Author Nando Dessena

> I clearly see your point but I consider that a problem with the BDE code. I
> prefer to have bad code dealt with than to candy coat over it.
> Does anyone else feel as Hans that the change to ignore dsInactive state in
> the dataset when assigning a field value is fine? Obviously, I was not aware
> the BDE would allow this. Perhaps a look in the VCL again would make Hans
> case better...

for what I understand, the problem lies in the fact that the BDE never
calls a data-aware control's OnChange event handler when the dataset is
not in dsEditModes, whereas it seems that IBO is doing just that (please
ignore me if I don't understand right).

May I ask what is the exact combo object type Hans is using? if it's
TDBLookupComboBox, then the problem may be the TIBOQuery datalink
sending change notifications to the controls when the dataset is not in
edit mode, if it is another type of control then let's see what.

I, for one, would prefer BDE-compatibility, otherwise many applications
that don't check the state of the dataset in OnChange handlers would be
broken. This scares me because I know I have a lot of BDE code that
works this way (with fields events, not controls) and I will eventually
have to port it all to IBO-TDataSet, for which I need perfect
compatibility (for better or for worse).