Subject ParamData pseudo-property in TIBOQuery
Author Nando Dessena
just a note. I have discovered that TIBOQuery.DefineProperties defines
the pseudo-property ParamData in all versions of Delphi, which makes the
streaming system store the Params collection twice (Params and
ParamData) on each dfm stream.
I am not sure which version of Delphi introduced native support for
collection in the streaming system, I just know Delphi 3 didn't do it
(hence the need for the pseudo-property ParamData) while Delphi 5 does

I don't know what causes the problem, since the BDE TQuery uses almost
the same code and works well (it even caters for old dfms with binary
ParamData). FWIW, I am using my own TIBOQuery derivative, but I am able
to reproduce the problem with a plain TIBOQuery.
It is bloating my dfms and I can't afford it since I have many of them
and exe size is an issue.