Subject Re: [IBO] Display custom "xxx is a required field" message
Author Daniel Rail
At 12/03/2002 05:58 AM, you wrote:
>Thanks again, but the problem is that the error message also appears
>if the user is editing in a form or grid and the query does the
>posting on its own. No place to put the try/except then...

The other place where you can capture an exception is in
Application.OnException event. I know in Delphi 5, possibly Delphi 6,
there's a component called TApplicationEvents that exists to let you easily
assign code to this event, make sure that this component is the last one
created on the form or datamodule. If you have an earlier version of
Delphi, you'll have to either find a component wrapper for TApplication or
assign the event in runtime.

Hope this helps.

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