Subject Re: [IBO] CancelUpdates
Author Jason Wharton

I clearly see your point but I consider that a problem with the BDE code. I
prefer to have bad code dealt with than to candy coat over it.

Does anyone else feel as Hans that the change to ignore dsInactive state in
the dataset when assigning a field value is fine? Obviously, I was not aware
the BDE would allow this. Perhaps a look in the VCL again would make Hans
case better...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] CancelUpdates

> Jason
> You are quite correct. A LookUpCombo.OnChange is used to populate
> some fields without any dataset checks. Remember, I'm converting
> this old BDE based program to IBO to check the compatibility of
> IBO as a 'drop in' for BDE. The way it is coded causes no problems
> with BDE. Thus my original suggestion to add that one line of code
> to make 'mimic' BDE stupidity and harmlessly enhance IBO as an BDE
> drop in.
> Best regards
> Hans