Subject Re: [IBO] CancelUpdates

You are quite correct. A LookUpCombo.OnChange is used to populate
some fields without any dataset checks. Remember, I'm converting
this old BDE based program to IBO to check the compatibility of
IBO as a 'drop in' for BDE. The way it is coded causes no problems
with BDE. Thus my original suggestion to add that one line of code
to make 'mimic' BDE stupidity and harmlessly enhance IBO as an BDE
drop in.

Best regards

Jason Wharton wrote:
> Hans,
> >From this callstack it is clear to me that you have hooked into an OnChange
> event of a data aware control. By doing this you should check the state of
> the dataset before assigning the text value of 'DCT' to your
> TStringField.AsString property.
> Take a close look at the callstack below and at the whole one in your email
> you will see it has nothing to do with CachedUpdates and some problem in
> IBO. It is coming from your application.
> DatabaseError('Dataset not in edit or insert mode',nil)
> TIBODataset.InternalSetFieldData($1761234,$12D44F)
> TIBODataset.SetFieldData(???,???)
> TDataSet.SetFieldData($1761234,$12D44F,True)
> TIBODataset.SetFieldData(???,???,???)
> TField.SetData($12D44F,True)
> TStringField.SetAsString('DCT')
> {
> The next line is from YOUR app code.
> }
> TFMain.DispatchNewNoteTruckNoChange(???)
> TCustomEdit.Change
> ...
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton
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