Subject Re: [IBO] Inventory
Author Artur Anjos
I'm with Jason here: do it in triggers (I use a combination of triggers and
stored procedures to keep it under close control: using a stored procedure
to update stocks let me debug in a much simpler way. Also it's better for me
to know where I do inventory update: I just check for the triggers that call
this SP).

Also, the calculations will be in the server.


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Subject: [IBO] Inventory

> Hello anyone,
> I am looking for the best way to update inventory quantities using the
> IBO Query. I want to make sure that if the transaction is interrupted
> because the primary query action is canceled that this update to the
> inventory query is also rolled back. I also want to ensure that if
> multiple stations are updating at the same time that the inventory
> quantity is accurate.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Jerry